ISTMTAL in English

26.03.2022 882

Istanbul Airport Technical High School is located in Istanbul Airport which is one of the biggest airports in the world.

The school is a state-owned - public high school with the support of IGA AS, Turkish Technic, Yıldız Technical University and Hasan Kalyoncu University.

The school is part of the National Special Program Applied School System.

There are 3 departments in the school:

  • Aviation Technician
  • Civil Aviation
  • Aviation Catering

The students are enrolled with the score of LGS (Nationwide High School Entrance Exam). 

Our school includes five years high school program. In their first year (as we call preparation class) the students study English, Turkish, Maths, PE and Music.

The school has strong connections with the aircraft industry, airlines, airport operators and related university departments.

The motto of the school is "The Sky's The Limit".

Our school is new but the staff has been involved in national and international organizations each year as a part of its internationalization process such as Erasmus+, FRC, Skill competitions, school brotherhood etc.


 Aims of the organization:

- To develop the creative potential of the youth

- To support youth initiatives in various fields

- To create conditions for active involvement of young people both into social, economic and cultural life of the society

- Encouragement impulses to self-actualization of a free individual

- Popularization of democratic ideas, institutions of a civil society

- To develop respect for public